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Volume 1, Issue 11

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

When it comes to the world of college applications this week, specifically, Monday, August 1st is a big day for the students of the class of 2023 – the Common Application opens for activity in the U.S. What does this mean and why is it significant? The Common Application was designed to simplify the college application process for students to limit the amount of repetitive application completion activity. There are 900+ colleges that are members of the Common Application and this is what makes it so popular among college bound students. Students will begin to complete sections of the application this week, getting ready to submit applications in the coming months.

It is an exciting time for students when these various application sites open for students to begin completing applications worldwide. We wish all students good luck in this first step to applying, being accepted, and beginning a new journey after high school. Go for it, Class of 2023!


Two birds in a nest

Empty Nesters

This is an exciting time for students entering their Senior year of high school: finally, it is going to be time to leave the nest and embark on a new journey. At the same time another phenomenon is happening—many parents are now embarking on a new journey, or maybe I should say a whole new lifestyle, officially becoming empty nesters. Dr. Amy L. Eva of Greater Good Magazine outlines four suggestions for Class of 2023 empty nesters.

Four ways to cope with your empty-nest grief

The value of college

Over the past few years, it has been up for constant debate the discussion regarding is it worth it to attend college, especially since the cost of attendance has increased to astronomical heights. In a recent study by the think tank New America, it is noted that there is a decrease in the perception that colleges and universities provide a positive impact in the United States. Pooja Salhotra of KQED-MindShift explains and shares the report of the data.

A growing number of Americans are questioning the value of going to college

The Report

The good life

Too often, when young adults are asked about their futures the talk is about money: making money and the importance of money is at the forefront of the discussion. Yet there are so many more ways in which students and those who guide them can expand the conversation to those aspects of their futures that will create “the good life.”

Edsurge higher education reporter Rebecca Koenig examines the different levels of hope young adults can have when it comes to living a life of fulfillment.

Guiding young people—not to college or careers—but to good lives

Need-blind international admissions

One of the critical factors for international students applying to colleges and universities in the United States is paying for college and the dilemma of finding student loans and funding. Bowdoin University has taken the bold step of enacting need-blind admissions policies for international students. This groundbreaking initiative may open the door for other colleges and universities to follow. Nathan M Greenfield of University World News explains the new process and what it means moving forward.

Need-blind international admissions: A question of values

Tip of the week

Life is Good sign

As mentioned up top, on August 1st the college application season will officially begin with the opening of the Common Application. By no means am I asking students to have their Common Application completed by the end of the day of August 1st; however, I am advising students to follow a piece of advice I have doled out over the years – do one thing each day that moves you closer to your goal.

I offer this tip to anyone who is using the Common Application or any other shared application system: get into a habit of working on it every day. Begin by setting up personal accounts and filling in your name and basic personal information. Just do one thing on August 1st that establishes one’s presence by completing one section. When the college application process is strategically managed, the rewards are evident immediately and the stress and anxiety that normally goes along with this tedious process will be reduced. The process may even become enjoyable and rewarding.

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