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Volume 1, Issue 18

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

Around this time of year there is a plethora of information published about university rankings.  The QS International rankings began the cycle in June, but now other popular rankings are out, including lists that you may not be familiar with and some you may find entertaining.


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Climate change provides the opportunity for climate education

During a recent educational conference in Libreville, Gabon the topic of climate change was addressed by 2,300 participants and 1,000 delegates. The discussion focused on increasing the involvement of young adults in global climate initiatives. Eve Ruwoko of University World News – African Edition reports on the results of the recent conference.

Climate education can ‘lure more youths into climate action’

Civics education: the power of having a voice

When students embark on attending a college or university, no matter where it is in the world, they will encounter a variety of issues including the local political environment. In that realm, there is one topic that is often front and center: voting—having a voice. As students enter campuses, they will learn powerful lessons in civics education—one of the most vital educational experiences young adults can have, no matter where they are. Washington Monthly reporter Rob Wolfe addresses the issue by releasing the most recent American college rankings for student voting.

America’s Best Colleges for Student Voting

You don’t know what you don’t know

Each year since 1998, an annual report has been released to explore what new college freshmen know, what they have experienced so far in life, and how it affects their current life perceptions. The report originated at Beloit College and was transferred to Marist College in 2019. Inside Higher Ed reporter Scott Jaschik reports on the most recently released Mindset List of 2022.

The Mindset List

Bonus article from Marist College:

The Class of 2026 is exploring...

The rankings are out again

Students and families from all over the world place a large emphasis on college rankings to identify potential schools to apply to and attend. No matter if it is the U.S. News and World Report rankings, The Princeton Review rankings, or the QS International rankings, as different as each organization is, so are the rankings and how they are determined. Stephanie Hughes of Marketplace examines the basics behind how rankings are compiled at the most popular rankings list – the U.S. News & World Report list.

A look at some of the elements behind the U.S. News college rankings

Tip of the week


When can college applications be submitted?

Most universities around the world are beginning to accept college applications at this time of year. I say, most universities. However, no matter what the admissions cycle is at colleges and universities, there is one common plan that should be followed: knowing the submission opening dates of colleges and universities, not just the closing dates.

Most colleges and universities, and centralized mainframe application systems including the Common Application and the UCAS system, allow students to access the application to complete it, at will, over a series of days or weeks. They are programmed with a save and return to the application function.

However, the important factor in submitting college applications is when the formal system transitions from a save and return only status to allowing a student to submit the completed application. It is important when designing a college list to make sure to identify not just the established deadline of the application process but also when applications are allowed to be officially submitted, prior to the final deadline.

Why does it matter? One of the easiest ways to show demonstrated interest towards a college or university is submitting the application as soon as possible. It shows universities how interested a student is in being accepted and enrolling. Bottom line: don’t wait.

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