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Sparks blog: Engagement and Enthusiasm from College-Bound Students

by Mr. Michael Wagner

As the school year progresses, high school students often enter a period where the daily routine of attending classes can feel mundane. One way to revitalize enthusiasm is for students to actively engage in the college-going process.

Typically, high school students receive advice on maintaining good grades, participating in extracurricular activities, and excelling in standardized tests. Yet, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is active involvement and interaction with prospective colleges.

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Showcasing genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the college experience is crucial. Colleges seek students who take interest and show passion throughout the inquiry process because these qualities indicate students will bring vibrancy and vitality to the campus community. Energetic and enthusiastic students not only bring a contagious zeal for learning but also infuse campus life with energy. Their passion for their chosen field of study or extracurricular pursuits drives them to seek out opportunities for growth and impact, both inside and outside the classroom.



One of the most valuable life skills college students should learn is the importance of networking. Colleges recognize that high school students who approach the application process with energy, enthusiasm, and an overall positive outlook are more likely to actively participate in campus activities and forge meaningful connections with peers and faculty.

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Building relationships with colleges during high school also opens doors to a myriad of resources and opportunities. From exclusive campus tours to special events to scholarships, engaged students can access a wealth of resources that may not be available to passive applicants. When students are genuinely curious, enthusiastic, and committed to their futures, others feel it. Establishing connections with admissions officers and faculty members can provide support throughout the application process and these connections offer valuable insights on the college’s culture and community.

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By actively engaging with colleges during high school, students also embark on a journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and exploration. As a result, students not only benefit during their college years but also during their remaining high school years. It’s never too early to start.

Mr. Michael J. Wagner

Michael Wagner, MAED is a founder and the Knowledge Pilot for Launch Education.  Mr. Mike has assisted hundreds of students around the world on their college pathways. Mike counsels students in Maryland, California, and around the world.