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Volume 1, Issue 14

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

It is clear this week that the emphasis on ensuring that students have a successful college experience, no matter what institution they attend for college, is at the forefront of the student experience. The concept of finding the right fit is critical for students to be successful, ensuring that they will enjoy an important life journey.

You will see as you read this week’s selections that students need to feel included, they need to feel they belong, and they need to feel comfortable. What students don’t need is to get caught up in rankings, feeling pressured to believe that if the school they attend is not one of the so called “best” schools they won’t achieve success after graduation. The constant media hype about rankings perpetuates this myth. If students develop their plans and focus on the right schools for them, the journey can and will result in a positive college experience.


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Equal access, equal belonging: inclusivity is the key


When it comes to students choosing colleges and universities it is all about finding the right fit. For students to be successful they need to feel they belong, feel valued, feel accepted, and feel included. Louisa Woodhouse of New World explores in a two-part series the challenges low-income students experience at elite public universities.

Why High-Achieving, Low-Income Students Don't Feel They Belong at Elite Public Universities

The college rankings game: who really benefits?


When college rankings were created, it was a system to demonstrate the top universities that students could attend. However, over the years the system that was built to aid students and families has dramatically drifted away from the original design. University of California – Berkeley professor David Kirp contributor for The Nation, explores the broken system of college rankings.

The Broken College Ranking System

Chicago Public School system focuses on college attainment

It is common knowledge that all schools want to prepare their students for a post-secondary education. When students enter high school, a majority aspire to attend college and strive for a successful college experience. However, over the time of the four years, a disconnect takes place and for many, those dreams quickly fade. Monica Eng of Axios Chicago explains a new initiative called One Goal, designed to assist students to stay on track.

Improving college success in high school

Minority-serving institutions get recognition they deserve


The U.S. Education Department has awarded $5 million in grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and other minority-serving institutions to assist them with student retention and completion programs. Higher Ed Dive Senior Reporter, Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, outlines what it means for these institutions.

Education Department announces $5M in completion grants for HBCUs, other minority-serving institutions

Tip of the week

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The core foundation of any college counseling program and to the position of being a college counselor is to assist students with finding great choices of colleges and universities during their search process. The emphasis on inclusivity is at the forefront of the discussion. It is imperative that students do their due diligence with the help of their school’s college counselors to find the right colleges and universities where they will feel included and have a sense of belonging.

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is for students to develop a list of criteria that they feel will be necessary for them to have a successful college-going experience. Yes, it may take some hard work—hours in reviewing websites, taking virtual tours, looking at programs that interest them, and ultimately reaching out to universities and having discussions with college admissions representatives as to the specifics of the college. It is this research that will lead students to creating their right fit list of colleges and universities to which they will apply.

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