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Volume 1, Issue 8

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

As the summer kicks into full gear, the world of travel is exploding. In many ways, life seems to be returning to normal; however, the ramifications of the pandemic continue. It has been addressed within a variety of realms recently, including education. Attention has shifted from coping with the pandemic to ways the pandemic’s problematic outcomes in education can be rectified and how students can academically recover.

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Global education crisis

The pandemic has caused academic interruption around the world, and now the United Nations agency, UNESCO, is addressing yet another set of difficulties worldwide: the continued gap in learning combined with funding cutbacks. Julian Owen of Independent Education Today shares that in unison, these problems could become even worse.

Global education in crisis, warns UNESCO

College or career, can California solve the problem?

With the skyrocketing cost of college, increasing levels of student loan debt, and students trying to figure it all out, the State of California is trying to do something to help. As Emma Gallegos of EdSource explains, California is investing in a program with hopes that it will bridge the gap between high school and career attainment.

College or career? California invests $500 million in program that tackles both

Students not prepared

Due to the pandemic, more students than ever are heading to college academically ill-prepared. Kathryn Boucher of The Hechinger Report opines that it may even be more important than ever to academically support students not just in preparation for college but also during their college years.

OPINION: Students are coming to college less prepared during the pandemic. They need our help

Tip of the week


It seems like each week there is something new to guide us on how we can manage time or be more productive. As there is no one size fits all, it makes sense to consider and try different time management systems to see what works best for you. Here is another time management system called the 3-3-3 method. As Jessica Stillman, Contributor, of explains, simplicity might be the best way to save time.

Steal This Best-Selling Author's 3-3-3 Method for Managing Your Time

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