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Volume 1, Issue 10

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

Sometimes when I begin to assemble the Odyssey Newsletter for the week a theme begins to take shape. This week, ahead of the fast-approaching college application season, there is a lot of news about streamlining the pathways for students to apply to college and ultimately get admitted into college; a far-off dream for many.

However, I want to share some insight from my most recent college counseling professional development course. The job of helping young adults apply to college is still primarily the responsibility of college counselors in schools. For most students, the counselor is the conduit for kids to make the leap from high school to college. It is the counselor’s role to help young adults with pathways to college application resources. As you will see below there are new avenues and approaches being developed to make applying and attending college easier.


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More options for college attainment are a good thing

Ease of access is one of the biggest hurdles for students looking to apply to college. While colleges, universities and companies like the Common Application or the Coalition for College make efforts to make applying to college easier there is a whole new movement beginning, one in which students do not even need to complete an application. Scott Jaschik, Editor of Inside Higher Ed explains in two articles how it works.

Admissions Without Applications

Direct Admissions Takes Off

The real world is different than college

While college students spend four or five years in the classroom acquiring targeted skills for working at a career, the application of those skills is often quite different in a professional setting. Tara A. Rose and Terri L. Flateby with the American Association of Colleges and Universities highlight in Inside HigherEd a recent AAC&U College to Career Success project surveying employers’ viewpoints on the skills college graduates possess.

From College to Career Success

New program creates a more accessible pathway

A new pathways program being introduced in California could be life changing for students with disabilities in their pursuit of obtaining a high school diploma. This is great progress in the state’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion which allows students with disabilities to access a successful pathway equal to others attending high school. Carolyn Jones of EdSource outlines the program.

New pathway to a diploma opens doors for students with disabilities

Tip of the week

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During this time of the summer, rising seniors are working on a host of tasks in preparation for the opening of college application websites and portals. One of the critical tasks is assembling a college list, which will guide their submission of applications in the fall.


The tip of the week I would like to offer is plain and simple: please students, create your college list based on schools that will be a good fit. Please do not assemble your list by copying the top 10 or 15 schools from a national or international ranking periodical.


Do your research and investigate schools based on your criteria, ones that will create the college experience you are looking for. I assure you, there are amazing colleges and universities all over the world that are not on someone’s top ten list. Your list of schools should match your academic interests and your application profile, not a magazine ranking. As you narrow your focus, you should be able to articulate how each of the schools you have selected meets your specific academic and college experience needs. A “good ranking” does not equal a good experience.

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