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Volume 1, Issue 12

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

This time of the year takes on a strange feeling. For many students and families, the transition has started from graduation from high school to the real world of college. Then, there are the rest of the students in a different transition phase: starting the school year in a whole new grade.

As the saying goes, there is one constant in life and that is change. I hope that students are taking the time now to get ready, to be prepared, and to take the time to develop a mindset that will set them up for success. Our Tip of the Week shares a few more thoughts.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Odyssey newsletter. As always, please take the time to pass it along to others and share what is happening in the world of college preparation.


Student using A.I.

It’s all about the fit

Over the past several years there has been an ongoing debate on choosing universities based upon their rankings (prestige) instead of using a calculated, researched, data-driven college list to find the right fit. In the most recent article by Marshall Hargrave of Investopedia, he writes about whether prestige matters when it comes to career success.

Is university prestige really that important?

Metaverse: A whole new college experience

When Facebook brought the concept of the Metaverse to a broader population several months ago, few knew what impacts it would have on education. A small group of colleges and universities are embracing the use of virtual reality to increase student engagement and achievement. Inside Higher Ed’s Susan D'Agostino explains the growing trend of colleges and universities embracing some new opportunities for students.

College in the metaverse is here. Is higher ed ready?

More to college than just the degree

When colleges and universities tout the return on investment (ROI) of a college education, the emphasis normally falls on factors such as employment after graduation or data connected to earnings and income. Ed Scoop writer Lindsay McKenzie explores the alternative of looking at student fulfillment when it comes to graduating from college.

Look beyond degree completion to measure student outcomes, educators say

Having a job is an extracurricular activity, an important one

There are so many life skills that can be obtained by working at a job. Now it is becoming popular for students to combine the benefits of a part-time job with being part of an apprenticeship program. Bloomberg reporters Molly Smith and Nic Querolo share how employers are looking at this route to solve recent workforce shortages.

We’re hiring, especially if you’re in high school and want an apprenticeship

Tip of the week

runner on the mark

For me, it always feels like summer ends around this time of year. When you work in education, and specifically as a college counselor, so much is going on for students and for me in August.

I always suggest that students begin to focus their attention on the upcoming school year. I encourage students to set goals as to what they want out of their school experience this year. Think about how each class is going to be managed. What habits from the prior year are going to be continued and what new habits are going to be developed to improve the grades in all areas? What extracurricular activities are students going to get involved in and what community service or volunteer activities are happening? What leadership opportunities are students looking to participate in or create if there is a need? All of this continues to add to your story.

Proper preparation increases the chances of a successful school year, a year that should be meaningful, purposeful, and most importantly – enjoyable. There is no downside to planning for what lies ahead; it will help you feel focused, ready, and more confident.


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