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Sparks blog: It’s summer, it’s okay to have fun

by Mr. Michael Wagner

As I sit here during my school’s Spring break, it is hard to believe that after this break there will only be a couple more months before, as Alice Cooper once sang school’s out for summer (that reference shows my age)!

Sunglasses on the beach


I believe that there is a good reason for school summer breaks for everyone—young adults, parents, teachers, school staff—that is involved in educating young people. For educators, it is a career that demands much. Pure and simple, it is hard work. For students, the countless hours applied to their studies and the daily rigors of preparing and producing work can be exhausting. Summer is a renewal.

student working at a job


Over the coming weeks, young adults will begin to look at their summer break, thinking about what they can do with more free time. Yet there is often pressure from parents and others to be productive. Working at a job is a top choice, as it provides life skills (and money). Volunteering (community service) to meet requirements for school and to also include on college applications is another common way to stay productive. Yet, I always say this, whatever you plan to do over the summer make sure you WANT to do it and you ENJOY what you’re doing.

As I titled this blog post, it’s okay to have fun. Yes, F U N! Young adults do need to be productive in the summer; however, practicing the important life skills of work-life balance and time management are also important. Making time for yourself is an important skill to develop. Make sure to include at least one activity each day that makes you happy, something that brings you joy.

Beach ball in a pool


One other thing; don’t forget to reflect. Get in the habit of journaling about your summer activities. Journaling is one of the most important functions of the college going process while you are in high school. (Hmm, sounds like the title of a future blog post.)

June calendar

Wherever you are within your own school calendar, it is probably safe to say we are all moving towards the same goal of completing the school year. Plan what your time off will look like and calendar some expectations and ideas. But remember to put an emphasis on what kind of FUN you’re going to have as well.

Because during the summer, it’s okay to have fun.

Mr. Michael J. Wagner

Michael Wagner, MAED is a founder and the Knowledge Pilot for Launch Education.  Mr. Mike has assisted hundreds of students around the world on their college pathways.