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Volume 2  Issue 6

 by Michael Wagner

 Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

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This week’s Odyssey newsletter covers many facets related to higher education. One area that I am excited to address this week is in an international article from the Guardian that raises the issue of providing informational guidance to students on potential earnings connections to courses of study. There is also a bonus article on skills mapping; I believe it is one of the most important topics for college students to explore. Also, take a listen to the featured podcast by Jon Marcus regarding higher education.

Read on and enjoy.


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Concern for international students’ mental health

During the pandemic, international students were displaced from their everyday life and forced into an unfamiliar learning system, while simultaneously relocating. Dr. Lesley Andrew, Deputy Director of the Centre for Evidence Informed Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare Practice at Edith Cowan University, Australia reports for University Global News on the continued mental health struggles of international students.

HE needs to safeguard international student mental health

Students need connection to the real world when it comes to work

One of the most important aspects of post-secondary education is the connection of what a student is studying and their chosen major to obtain work in a related field after graduation. Education editor Richard Adams of the Guardian reports that students deserve more information on the potential earnings of chosen courses of study.

Students should be told about job prospects – Commission

Bonus Article: In Higher Ed Dive, Wayne D'Orio discusses the value of skills mapping.

With skills mapping, colleges create a ‘universal language’ to explain value

A new way to look at internships

With Goucher College located in what I would call my backyard, I felt compelled to highlight one of the college’s great programs. Most students who enter college are interested in completing an internship. Ashley Mowreader reports for Inside Higher Ed, on how Goucher College has taken an innovative approach to creating internship opportunities.

Program innovation: Micro-internships offer career experiences, alumni connections

Bonus podcast: On The EdUp Experience Podcast, Dr. Joe Sallustio discusses the state of higher education with Jon Marcus.

562: Why Higher Ed is in Disfunction - with Jon Marcus, Higher Education Editor at The Hechinger Report

Tip of the Week

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Look for college fairs in your area

As spring blooms so does the season for college fairs. In the U.S., both national and local college counseling institutions host college fairs. For example, the Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL) organization is launching their national roadshow in Boston, MA on March 11th; it will conclude in Nashville, TN on August 17th. This fair is a great opportunity for students to meet college reps and learn more about 40 great private liberal arts colleges in the U.S. (

There will also be local groups hosting college fairs as well. By doing a little research online, you should come across the ones in your area. Also, don’t forget to research local colleges in your area for campus tours and information sessions. The #1 way to learn about a college is to visit the campus. Happy touring.

Before you go...

starling murmuration

Mother nature never fails to impress. This video by Wendy Turbull and supplied by SkyNews, demonstrates powerful beauty in the most natural way. Enjoy.

Watch footage of an amazing starling murmuration caught on camera

What excites me each week is the ability to share the wide cross section of college information I come across. This week is no different. However, I want our followers to look at this information as just scratching of the surface of how deep each of these stories can go. Continue to embrace the practice of lifelong learning and explore these topics more and take your learning to a deeper level. I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I do creating it.

Have a fantastic week.

Mr. Mike

Mr. Michael J. Wagner

Michael Wagner, MAED is a founder and the Knowledge Pilot for Launch Education.  Mr. Mike has assisted hundreds of students around the world on their college pathways.