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Volume 2  Issue 1

 by Michael Wagner

 Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

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The New Year brings on another first, or should we say second for us. This edition of the Odyssey Newsletter is the first issue of Volume 2. It is exciting to state that we have successfully completed our first year with 32 issues. The amount of information that has been covered over those issues has been far reaching and the variety of topics is overwhelming. The Odyssey Newsletter will continue to follow two main goals: to be a source covering all areas of college-related education news from high school through college and to be an inspiration for our readers to practice lifelong learning.

That is what this issue is emphasizing, lifelong learning. However, instead of only a few stories this week, we are encouraging our readers to explore and choose by selecting from a variety of the best of 2022 education stories. So go ahead and get started! We hope you enjoy perusing possibilities to find the stories that most interest you.


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Top trends of 2022

Source: Rick Seltzer, Senior Editor, Higher Ed Dive

5 top news stories of 2022

Source: Higher Ed Dive Staff

EdSource's best of 2022:

Source: Ed Source Staff

2022’s 10 biggest education stories, in photos

Source: Stacey Decker & Jaclyn Borowski. Education Week

Top 10 higher education stories of 2022

Source: Micah Ward, University Business

Tip of the Week

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The power of personal reflection

The year 2022 has now officially ended and a chance at a new beginning has arrived. It is a long-standing tradition to create New Year’s resolutions about things you want to accomplish. It is just as traditional for most people to fail to follow through on those resolutions.  According to, studies indicate that 91% of people who make resolutions will not achieve them.

While a resolution involves a decision to do or not do something, reflection is different. I encourage students to simply take time to reflect on the past year. Take note of what you accomplished, and how those accomplishments were achieved. Reflect on areas that need improvement and identify the challenges that get in the way of you achieving success. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, journaling can play a powerful role in reflection and making positive changes.

Don’t simply resolve, only to fail, and abandon. Use personal reflection to look back on the year, noting and celebrating your achievements and planning for an even more productive and successful 2023.  

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Happy New Year 2023!

Keeping with the tradition that is shared around the world, the following video 2023 New Year's Eve celebrations from shows the excitement cities worldwide shared on this special night.

2023 New Year's Eve celebrations around the world