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Odyssey newsletter: ROI . deadlines . basketball

Volume 1, Issue 24

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

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Welcome to this week’s Odyssey Newsletter. It is our mission to bring you topical and timely news from the world of college admissions and higher education.

There is a very important college admissions story unfolding this week involving the United States Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. The outcome of this proceeding will set precedence in U.S. college admissions. Read more in the piece below from Bloomberg Law. And deadlines are so important in the world of college admissions—some well know and some not so well known. I address a little-known important deadline, the registration for the December SAT exam.


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College students are looking for a return on their investment

With this year’s high school seniors make their choices of colleges based on their priorities; the times are a-changing. Students are demanding more from universities. Their needs and wants are becoming more sophisticated and tuition costs are being judged with far more scrutiny. Matt Zalaznick of University Business explores five trends with prospective students.

How your future students’ needs are changing in 5 big ways

College tuition is on the rise

Over the past two years colleges and universities held tuition and fees steady but now that colleges are returning to normal, tuition and fees are once again on the rise. The silver lining is that the rate of inflation has made the increases look not all that bad compared to everything else. Matt Zalaznick of University Business breaks down the increases across the different levels of colleges.

Price check: Tuition is climbing again, but not as high as inflation

The showdown; the U.S. Supreme court and college admissions

This week the United States Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments related to colleges’ and universities’ admissions policies that consider race in the selection of students. The decision could have ramifications across the world of college admissions. Greg Stoh of Bloomberg Law, outlines the upcoming legal battle.

Elite college admissions cases put justices on collision course

Jill Barshay looks at legacy admissions in The Hechinger Report:

Why elite colleges can’t give up legacy admissions