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Volume 1, Issue 19

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education

With the college application season is in full swing across much of the globe, so follows the unnecessary stress and anxiety experienced by students and parents, and for no real reason. I have been speaking to several parents lately and the amount of pressure that is placed upon students is really unnecessary at this current time. Many deadlines for schools around the world are far off in the distant future, with exception of the medical programs at Cambridge and Oxford. But, overall, most of the colleges and universities do not have closing deadlines for some time yet. As I say to the students and parents; it is only the end of September--relax, breathe. Rome was not built in a day and using an organized, strategic plan will bring success. 


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Critical thinking skills: It is all about habit building   

Universities across the world have a variety of ways to educate the students on their campuses. It is always the goal of universities to build a community of students that come from a wide range of countries and ethnicities, creating learning and living environments that reflect the real world. However, there is a disparity in the delivery of instruction at these colleges and universities. As Justin Sung, Head of Learning at cognitive-generic skills training program iCanStudy, contributing to University World News explains, there is quite a difference in the development of critical thinking skills students experience at their respective universities.

Reading for higher-order learning: A matter of new habits

Micro-credentials become relevant in Higher Ed

After nearly two years in the making, the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has created and completed a comprehensive plan entitled Common Framework for Micro-credentials in the EHEA. This new plan will now act as a guide for institutions and other stakeholders on how micro-credentials can be integrated into the EHEA. Reporters Magalie Soenen, a policy advisor at the Ministry of Education and Training, Chiara Finocchietti, the director of CIMEA, and Jonna Korhonen, the director of Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture report in University World News, outline how the plan has been created and how the plan will be released across Europe.

New micro-credential framework shows relevance of Bologna

Big things are happening at Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)

HBCUs in the U.S. were on the receiving end of COVID relief funds and schools took full advantage of the money, putting it to good use. For a long time HBCUs were not receiving the amount of funding they deserved. Liz Schlemmer of NPR reports on the variety of ways that these schools are using the funding.

HBCUs got a windfall of federal COVID relief. Here's how colleges are spending it

Bonus article:

Nathan M Greenfield of University World News reports on the philanthropic donation of Bill and Melinda Gates to HBCUs.

Gates’ gift to HBCUs: A $100m investment in diversity

Tip of the week

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How to take advantage of mailers and emails offering no-fee applications

During the college application season, students will begin receiving what seems like an endless crush of physical mailings and emails regarding no-fee applications. They will be from colleges and universities with familiar names and from schools students have never heard of.

My advice has always been simple. When a student receives such offers, research the school, and gather the basic information such as where is it located, whether they offer the major you are considering, and other important factors on your university experience requirements list.  After visiting the website and looking at the information, if the school fits your needs, I say apply; what do you have to lose?

Waiving the application fee is one way colleges and universities encourage students to apply. Even if you weren’t initially aware of the school, you can submit an application and see what happens. Always remember the student has the ultimate control in decision-making.

Good luck.  

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