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Odyssey newsletter: hybrid . research . reflection

Volume 1, Issue 1

by Michael Wagner

Knowledge Pilot, Launch Global Education


Welcome to our inaugural Odyssey newsletter! Each week we will share discoveries—links to important and timely issues that impact education and the college going process.  We will also post a tip of the week—a way to help students and families keep on top of college planning, and our before you go section—something inspirational, informative, or just plain fun (and maybe all three).

Thanks for taking the time to look it over.  We hope you find the information valuable.


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Hybrid learning

It can be argued that there has not been a single aspect of modern-day life that has not been affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic, and one facet of life that has been significantly upended is education. In an instant, online learning became the norm, from preK-12 education all the way through post-secondary education. With a return to classrooms, this article by Daniel Lempres for EdSurge considers whether hybrid learning will continue.

Is Hybrid Learning Here to Stay?


Grade inflation concerns

Standardized testing has been an integral part of college admissions requirements for decades and the often-contentious discussion around the fairness of this requirement has been around for nearly as long. With many colleges and universities now eliminating standardized testing or making the submission of scores optional, new questions have arisen. Anna Merod’s article for K-12Dive discusses a possible flaw in the movement to eliminate standardized testing. (Note: The study was conducted by the ACT organization whose sole business is to be a standardized testing institution.)

ACT Finds Grade Inflation in High School GPAs Over the Past Decade


Teens and science research

One of the many ways students can stand out in the college application process is to take on a research project related to their course of study. The Society of Science recently highlighted the finalists from the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022.  These students have conducted some incredible research projects while still in their high school years. (Note: It may be handy to have a dictionary pulled up; you will see why.)

Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022 Finalists


Is college worth it?

With the costs of post-secondary education continuing to rise, some people have begun to question the traditional mindset that a college education is worth the cost.  Kevin Dickenson ponders the pros and cons in this post for Big Think.

Is College Worth It?

Tip of the week

Reflection notebook

As the end of another school year is upon us, it is natural for students to simply want to get to the last day of school and celebrate the year's conclusion. However, it is also a great time to use the power of reflection.

Students should not miss the opportunity to look back on the year, especially when it comes to documenting hours and reflecting on extracurricular activities, community service, personal projects, and volunteering.  One of the best ways to do this is to set-up a reflection journal.  Reflections can be captured within a traditional paper notebook, or for those more digitally inclined, documented by using a free online resource such as Evernote. 

The value of reflection is both in the moment (What did I like? What didn’t I like? How might I have done things differently?) and for the future, especially when it comes time to write college essays. 

Set up a system of reflection over the summer.  You will thank yourself later.

Before you go...

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Check out this very moving story by Bill Chappel on NPR that highlights one young adult’s ability to overcome obstacles with a positive attitude.

A Nonspeaking Valedictorian with Autism Gives Her College’s Commencement Speech


Have a great week.